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So grateful for this facility and the kind staff. Ketamine care saved my life. I was suicidal for years and had tried so many therapies. I wanted to wait a few months before posting because the changes this helped me conquer were mind blowing and I wanted to see if it “stuck”. After my treatments I have lost all suicidal ideations for the first time in my life. I struggled for 36 years with this and this was life changing for me. I love to wake up now. I am more calm. I am more positive. I experience life without fear. And my primary psychiatrist says my PTSD is considered to be in full remission, which she stated is extremely rare. I hope that if you feel like I did, that there is no hope to your healing, that you give this a try. I think everyone could benefit from the life transformation this treatment helps you achieve. The staff is beyond kind, helpful and full of information. They go above and beyond and they truly care about each patient as a human. There is hope! And it’s worth every penny! My only regret is not finding this sooner!
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Susanna T. Avatar
Susanna T.
I highly recommend Big Sky Ketamine. They charge reasonably, are private and care about their patient's mental health. Ketamine is a unique journey for everyone, and I am extremely happy with the care I have received there. Thank you to the team for the help they provide to those in need.
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Brooke B. Avatar
Brooke B.
My experience has been effective, discreet and professional. Thank you!
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Jacob D. Avatar
Jacob D.
Thanks for the help you contribute to..
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